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Finalist for 2019 B&LLA Licensing Awards and Winner of the Cultural Enterprise Award 2020. Due to seasonal availability, this bouquet will feature deep red Turkish Carnations that will make the beautiful bouquet even more impressive! Venus had many lovers. She was the goddess of love, after all! One of her lovers was Mars, the god of war. In this painting by Sandro Botticelli, an Italian Renaissance painter, we see Mars asleep and unarmed with Venus gazing upon him as they are surrounded by satyrs. The message behind this painting is that love conquers all or, alternatively, love conquers war. The wasps that swarm around Mars’ head are believed to represent the pain that can often accompany great love as well as the Vespucci family. The word ‘vespe’ is Italian for wasp but the association with this painting is largely speculation. To capture the colours, textures, and message behind this great work, our expert florists have selected each stem with the greatest of care. The passionate emotion of this painting as well as the red accents here and there are represented by Roses and Tulips. The copper ruscus plays the role of the many gold elements in this work including the fine clothing trim and the colours of Mars’ weapons and helmut. Finally, we added birch for textural contrast since this painting also includes various softer and rougher textures that all work wonderfully together just like those in our bouquet. © The National Gallery, London An excellent choice for all occasions especially romantic events like your anniversary or Valentine’s Day!