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Finalist for 2019 B&LLA Licensing Awards and Winner of the Cultural Enterprise Award 2020. The iconic Canaletto masterpiece has been represented in this elegant yet bold hatbox arrangement. Cananetto’s stunning view takes on everyday life of the Grand Canal, Venice. Visually this painting is incredibly intricate showing a boat of two women who seem to be colliding with one of the fishing vessels, while a fisherman draws their nets in the centre. On the left side of the painting, you will find the Church of San Simeone Piccolo wth it’s green copper dome. The impressive fact about this painting is it’s over two metres wide and is matched by the careful observation of colours, textures and events. Our florists have included Memory Lane Roses, Sweet Avalanche Roses, Black Calla Lillies, Vanda Black Orchids, Blue Veronice, Orion Blue Eryngium, Cinerea Eycalyptus and Pistache.