100% Organic Pink Rose

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We are excited to introduce our new gorgeous Organic Pink Swany Rose, perfect for planting in the garden and watching it bloom beautifully through the seasons. This lovely garden rose is 100% organic, growing naturally with no chemicals, agents or fertilizers in harmony with the environment. Elevate your garden with glorious Pink Roses benefiting not only the planet but your garden too. Our garden roses are rain resistant, stand up to wind and weather making them a sturdy garden plant you can count on to stay looking beautiful. They grow in a natural rhythm with the season. This strengthens the naturally present resistance. This makes them powerful and robust, and therefore very climate-resistant. If you don’t prune, this shrub can easily reach a height of 120 centimetres and more. But with the annual pruning, it remains at a neat 60 to 80 centimetres. This plant is 100% organic.